‘The Blue Umbrella’- a great event in Indian Cinema

Glimpse of the meaninglessness of the fuss about Existence- I would call it.

It irritates you, at least it irritated me- for it makes all your problems look like a joke to you. It simplifies the equations, at the same time not compromising with the rigour. And the greatness lies in the setting, the screenplay, the songs, the music. The simplicities here are actually anti-subtleties. The movie plays like a fantasy, and it reveals like a hidden treasure. It is indeed a movie about existence. And if you see it at night for the third time, it comes in your dream and whispers gently- Hush, my baby, don’t you cry.

It surely retained all the innocence of the wonderful story by Ruskin Bond, which goes by the same name.

Pankaj Kapur has earned enough पुन्य for him and Shahid Kapoor to attain मोक्ष. And I have no words for Vishal Bhardwaj.