Sureshot way to kiss a lady!

Before you think its another tip on how to hit on women, let me claim that it most assuredly is, although a foolproof one. All you’d need after reading this short post is, well, a lady. So, here we go…

Get a lady for whom you are a non- total stranger, and whose IQ is greater than 80 (and below 160). Catch her in a non gloomy/non- too busy mood. Start some conversation with her, orient it slowly to academics, or some geeky thing. And then, with the most casual look, tell her this-

“Well, would you do me a favor? I will make a small statement. All you have to do is if the statement is true, you give me your autograph, and if its false, you don’t give me your autograph.”

The lady now begins to think. All she’d need to do is give a damn autograph. Sounds easy. Interrupt her if she takes too much time.

“C’mon. I have not yet said anything, and you are already thinking.”

She will give a green signal.

“So let me remind. A true statement means an autograph and a false means no autograph. Deal?”

She nods.

“All right. So listen carefully. The statement I make is- ‘You will give me neither an autograph nor a kiss’. Thats it. Think and act now. And don’t you be a deal breaker.”

Now quickly step back a little and get out of her line of vision. Let her think.

One of the two things will happen within a minute, either she will smile back with a pleasant sensation on her face. Proceed to her then with literally your tongue in cheek- you are done. Or, she might look badly puzzled. Help her out, Einstein-

“Ma’am, suppose you think the statement is true. Then you’d have to give me your autograph. But then ‘you’ll give neither your autograph…’ thing can’t be true, right? Hence, the statement should be false. So, you will give me either your autograph or a kiss. But because the statement I made is false, I can’t take your autograph. That leaves only one option…”

Join her when she laughs. Happy ending 🙂

Well, I concede that she might just refuse to be sporty and refuse to go for the kiss. Invite her then for a Double-or-Nothing. On moral grounds she is bound to accept. Contact me for the next courageous hit 😉

This was a real life act successfully played by Raymond Smullyan. Whats more interesting is that the lady he kissed eventually became his wife!

Your logic can never fail you.