New Life

I am living in this house dubbed the ‘Big Brother’s’ house, in not so big city called Eindhoven. Whats great is that we are 23 people in total (including 7 girls), from 12 different nationalities, and 5 different continents !!! It obviously rocks. I don’t have to go anywhere- all university students come to party here 🙂

A Turkish Party at Big Brother’s

TU/e is small & cool. Nobody bugs you much. No attendance, you can eat burgers and drink coffee between lectures, and can leave if bored. So much so- often we have free beers at the department 🙂


Eindhoven is mostly dominated by TU/e and Philips. Lot of student and short-term employee crowd here- hence lot of parties going around.


I am proud to declare that I actually cook almost all my food, which is a simple high fibre, high calorie, high vitamin (in summary really high) diet.


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