Of late…

Of late I’ve been realizing things. Yet again.

Well, this is the same ol’ life, which, in case you forgot, sucks.

Of late I haven’t been shagging much, and still change my underwear regularly. They are really cozy, and expensive. All I think about is that when I’d take a shower and change my underwear. Shit man, how was I so indifferent toward underwears till now.

I feel like writing a treatise on underwear philosophy.

Little things, no matter how much you ignore ’em, matter. After all they have weight and occupy space.

Of late, I’m not seeing too many movies. They don’t make sense to me anymore. Not even the hyped avant garde. They have all become monotonous and how!

Of late I’ve been living quietly and behaving prudently.


Shit man! This didn’t actually happen. Fuck!


(after one hour, still lying)

Fuck! Fuck! Fuckkk!


Of late, I’ve been realizing…

… I was neither off nor late!

[inspired by a true dream sequence]

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