What does it mean?

here + here.

How do you know there is a truth out there?

I don’t. It may not be ‘out there’, or ‘in here’. It’s more of a personal thing.

‘Vrat’, hmm. What is your agenda then?

Who cares, it’s just a fancy name. It may not make the world a better place.


That was to appease the cynics. I do want to make the world a better place.


Oh yes. You see- when there is no point, things are pointless, aren’t they?

And how do you now what the point is?

The minimal purpose of the point is to avoid pointlessness. Beyond that, I am not assuming anything.

Are you a believer?

Very emphatically NO.

That’s contradictory!

[Warning: bombastic words] I am a reductionist, but not a greedy reductionist. I like to think that I am a meta- reductionist.

So why say it out loud?

Well, to make this damn idea more robust; to bring some justification to the inner turmoil; to see if there are others out there; and for the heck of it. Internet is full of extended (if not altered or exaggerated) personalities. See this and this.

So you are aware that it’s all charade?

“It does not matter now that in a million years nothing we do now will matter.”- Thomas Nagel.

Still, is it all interesting enough?

It, for one, is a pretty good anti-depressant. See here (scroll over the video and click on ’10: Depression…’).

So, what are your plans?

You shall see.

I am impressed. I wanna try such thing too.

Sorry you can’t sign up! Do anything at your own risk 🙂

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