Where did ‘The Fountain’ miss it

I usually try to look at the positive sides of the story, especially of the movies. For a saga made with so much efforts, time, money and dexterity involved, I feel sad when it topples. I had felt so sad for Water.

The Fountain


But then I never expected this from Darren Aronofsky, at least not after ‘Requiem for a Dream’ & ‘Pi’. The truth be told, he irritated. So many times I felt like hoping for a chance to edit some parts. It is good to throw up a mystery in the air about the real meaning of the movie, but I don’t buy Lynchgiri. Yeah well, the point is not so much about Lynchgiri, rather it is about the depth in which this mystery resides. And it turned out to be too shallow.

What is ‘The Fountain’ about? No, not about Death. Not in the fuck about Love. It is about existence. It is about being. And why’s that? Because death was not highlighted when Father Avila died- nobody was intimidated. Not the act of dying, but the disease of dying- hence the tree of life. And even when I confess that I am a very sentimental person, and I like the things to go in the Lovelane; it is so not about love. Not love, because Tommy is not happy with decaying Izzi, contrary to many love stories (‘I love you even when you shit, blah blah’ etc). And it attempts to transcend the localities in the problem of existence by elevating it to 3 different & widely separated times. And it tries to bridge the localities in space by referring to Xibalba and the Golden Nebula.

So, where did it fail? It failed in the emptiness. It did not reveal the hollow side of it all. I didn’t feel sad when Izzi died, was not moved seeing the craziness of the Astronaut, and was not maddened seeing the massacre of Tomas. (The only thing which drives me mad is when some people say that there were actually three different stories told). And that was not cool on the Director’s part to keep that misunderstanding, and the reason was that the interweaving was so weak. And the way it portrayed death as the ultimate realization was too synthetic.

I hope Aronofsky will come back.

[One theory attributes the weakness of the movie to then relationship between Darren Aronofsky & Rachel Weisz].

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  1. I’ll agree that “The Fountain” didn’t score highly in my regard either. But isn’t the soundtrack, a collaboration between Mogwai and Kronos Quartet, something? I play it in my office as I’m working on my latest writing project and the moods it evokes are terrifically inspiring.

    Good post…

  2. Yes, hence I even cared to write. Compare with Requiem soundtrack. I have ‘not’ disapproved ‘The Fountain’.

  3. fountain!!!!!!! toogood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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