Video Discoveries

There are lot of exciting Videos I came across in recent times.
Randy Pausch‘s Last Lecture

Sounds like Fermat’s Last Theorem, and became dramatically popular in an extremely short span. While I do not agree with the Professor’s philosophy about life, success etc; it still is a masterpiece delivery at such a timely moment. Whats intriguing about the lecture (and the persona of the orator) are the simple mindedness, honesty, and the self involved. We need drama like these- and even if we agree or not- we need the appraisal of such drama. Bored of the set examples and repetitive preachings- look for it.

Martin Gardner & Friends
I am a big fan of Martin Gardner, and I think that being his fan is my biggest achievement so far. (People like Persi Diaconis attributed their life’s success to him). Take a look & feel the thunder. Click here (.wmv file).

Also see (mind you this is by a Stanford Mathematician)
Life after Poincare: Grigori Perelman
Everybody knows who is Perelman, but nobody knows whats he doing now. Check ’em out (part 1 of n)


A (surreal) day in the life of an undergraduate on the 4-year M.Math degree at the University of Warwick.


I like such stuff. Buck up.

A series of video lectures on cutting edge science. User friendly. Worth a look.

For user friendly lectures in cutting edge Mathematics, see here.

For user friendly lectures in cutting edge Physics, see here.


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