The Tree(s) of Knowledge

Tomas might have succumbed in his quest for the Tree of Knowledge, but I finally found it, and am still alive 🙂

Theories can be crudely organized into a family tree where each might, at least in principle, be derivable from more fundamental ones above it.

The Tree of Knowledge

[courtesy- Max Tegmark]

And here is an awesome ‘learning map’ in Mathematics (rather big, click to view)

A Learning Map in Mathematics

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  1. I meant that one can in principle derive Sociology from Psychology, as one can derive chemistry from quantum physics.
    Regarding postmodern suggestions- from whatever I know about them, they seem to me very confusing and inconsistent. I think their language will need to be much clearer to be taken with seriousness. In any case, this post is a quote of an interesting idea of Max Tegmark.

  2. What does ‘derive’ mean? In the sense that, does one ‘derive’, for instance, Chemistry from Atomic Physics, just as one can ‘derive’ Sociology from Psychology?

    Also, just curious, do you disregard the Postmodern suggestion that all Sciences are also fuctions of ethical positions that the Scientists take?

  3. hmm… interesting ))

  4. Cool!!

  5. could somebody to tell, who is the creator of LEARNING MAP? I need to know more about this awesome jpg

    • Max Tegmark. I have already credited him in the post.

      • Hi, I was wondering where you had obtained this image from precisely. It is truly a magnificent work, sadly some information is unreadable. I would like to review it.

  6. Who is the creator of the Mathematical learning math? Not the first one, but the second. Is it also Max Tegmark? If so, do you know where I can find the original source of the Math learning map?
    I would be extremely grateful for a reply.

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